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S2 Ep 7 – The One Where Lettuce Meets True Crime

Join us for a wild ride this week as we weave our way from fashion critiques, public health advocacy, discussions on municipal trash service and true crime updates. Don’t worry, we threw in some veggie talk as well. Hang on, this one’s a journey y’all! XO,  Letty & LucyMore

S2 Ep 6 – Grower Spotlight: Kathie & Mariah Wells!

Ever considered giving your teenager free reign over your Farmstand? Kathie has! Meet Mariah, the 15 year old primary care “parent” of their Lettuce Grow Farmstand, Liliana! Liliana only grows plants named Edward (no matter what it actually is) and Liliana is just a wee infant who’s already PRODUCING FOOD FOR HER FAMILY! Growing indoors…More

S2 Ep 5 – A Tribute to Jason Smith

It’s been a week to say the least.  This week, Jason Smith, CEO of Starburns Audio, and one of Stephanie’s dearest friends, passed away unexpectedly. This episode is a short and small tribute to the man he was not only in the industry, but to many people individually as well.  Please see the Go Fund…More

Meet Letty & Lucy!

Stephanie Arnow (aka “Letty”)

From podcast industry executive to stay-at-home mom (thank you, pandemic of 2020), Stephanie has been a part of digital media for 15 years, and has been performing since childhood. She’s not ever been able to successfully grow a vegetable until she met Letty, her Lettuce Grow Farmstand, The obsession is REAL.

Tara Pinto (aka “Lucy”)

Tara’s never met a craft or hobby she didn’t want to try…and soon quit due to failure or boredom. That is until she met Lucy, and learned that Lettuce Grow was easy & fun, and failure was near impossible.  Turning her passion for indoor house plants into success outside and meals on the table, one seedling at a time.

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