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Happy Mother’s Day! (And The Winner Is…)

Happy Mother’s Day to all and to all a GOOD DAY!  On this episode, we share who won the contest for $350 to Lettuce Grow. We are touched by the number of contestants that entered this special event. The stories you all shared were wonderful and if I were a millionaire, I’d give one to…

Season 2 Finale Starring JACOB!!!

We did it! We finally got to talk with Lettuce Grow’s Founder and CEO, Jacob Pechenik!  Pardon us while we blush a little, but seriously. He’s lovely and wonderful and if we didn’t love him enough prior to this interview, we sure do love him even more now!  We hope you love this incredible season…

S2 Ep 9 – Big Announcements and a New Shipment of Feelings!

You know what’s fun? LIFE GETTING BACK TO NORMAL AFTER A PANDEMIC. You know what else is fun? CONTESTS. In this episode of “jib jab with Steph & Tara” (aka Growing with Letty & Lucy) we tackle what it’s like to get back to normal, and how there are certain bits of life that we…

Meet Letty & Lucy!

Stephanie Arnow (aka “Letty”)

From podcast industry executive to stay-at-home mom (thank you, pandemic of 2020), Stephanie has been a part of digital media for 15 years, and has been performing since childhood. She’s not ever been able to successfully grow a vegetable until she met Letty, her Lettuce Grow Farmstand, The obsession is REAL.

Tara Pinto (aka “Lucy”)

Tara’s never met a craft or hobby she didn’t want to try…and soon quit due to failure or boredom. That is until she met Lucy, and learned that Lettuce Grow was easy & fun, and failure was near impossible.  Turning her passion for indoor house plants into success outside and meals on the table, one seedling at a time.

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