S2 Ep 6 – Grower Spotlight: Kathie & Mariah Wells!

Ever considered giving your teenager free reign over your Farmstand? Kathie has!

Meet Mariah, the 15 year old primary care “parent” of their Lettuce Grow Farmstand, Liliana! Liliana only grows plants named Edward (no matter what it actually is) and Liliana is just a wee infant who’s already PRODUCING FOOD FOR HER FAMILY! Growing indoors in Texas, they’ve had their Farmstand for 2-3 weeks and are already enjoying the bounty. 

Join the conversation as we explore the many benefits of growing and knowing your own food, with a member of the next generation of growers. 

Also, the link to the Go Fund Me for Jason Smith’s family is riiiight here: Go Fund Me here


Letty & Lucy


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